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We help business to grow their revenue or profit after our first meeting.


I am a creative Business Lawyer that is a perfect combination of trusted advisor, problem solver, keeper of secrets and deep listener.

You get to stay focused on the money-making parts of your business, while your trusted Creative Business lawyer focuses on ensuring you keep the money you make, and are prepared to earn even more.

Your Creative Business Lawyer will ensure you create, maintain and honor your boundaries. I will help you set clear expectation and collect on promises made to you (including money).

In big companies, I proactively partner with the senior executives of the company to “prevent problems, or detect them quickly and guide the business away from them” according to one long-time, experienced in-house counsel.

Let me know if you’d like my support

I don’t meet up with non regular customers, because I know they would get tremendous value and a ton of guidance by meeting with me. And because I don’t give away my counsel for free.

Our services

Business & Contract Lawyer

Privacy Officer for Businesses

IT & IP- Consultant & Negotiator

Blockchain & Smart Contracts Consultant

Copyright & Trademark Lawyer

​Trail Representation

legal consultant


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